berserkoNUT | Metal CoverCrashers Card


He’s salty…really salty. These metal cards are cut above the rest!

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BERSERKonaut by Jeff Lafferty was one of the most visually interesting books to hit the indie scene in 2018. I’m thoroughly impressed with his painting work and am awed by his use of various media. This card was my attempt to create a painterly style fully digital since I don’t have the resources to rush out and buy a ton of one off painting supplies I might fail horribly at utilizing. The story struck me as kinda “nutty” and I came up with a twisted idea about a demented Mr. Peanut. I present to you, berserkoNUT!

These special cards are standard trading card sized but consist of a layer applied over a metal blank. It’s super shiny and amazing to behold in person! Photos and even video don’t do them justice.

Each card has a funny parody cover and a humorous story with useless stats on the back!

Pick up the ones you like or collect them all!

NOTE: Card orders are placed with my vendor on the 1st of every month. If the card is listed as “BACKORDERED” your order will be included in the monthly orders. My vendor’s turn around is usually 1-2 weeks. After which time your order will be immediately processed and delivered once I receive them. I’ll keep you updated on status along the way. Thanks!

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 in

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